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Due to recent serious issues that have come to light Mallow Animal Rescue has ceased operating. The Trustees, in accordance with the constitution of MAR and in line with agreed policies and procedures, took the very difficult decision to remove the chairperson by an unanimous vote of no confidence.

The current Trustees of the rescue, operating under the constitution have a legal obligation not only to the animals in the care of the rescue but also to the public, to ensure that their donations are appropriately used. The Trustees are also responsible for employing correct procedures, ensuring full transparency and efficient spending of funds.

With this in mind, the rescue's executive group and current trustees have decided that the only option is to close Mallow Animal Rescue. Our first priority is to make sure that all of the animals in our care are re-homed. We also need to ensure that all bills are paid and all monies due to the rescue are recovered.

In the interest of transparency and following best practice procedures our fundraising schedule is now cancelled and we are no longer accepting donations of funds, pet food or equipment. We have refunded on-line donations made towards a new Rescue van since the rescue cannot own any property, due to absence of a charity registration number.

The group deeply regrets having to make this decision, but find themselves with no other alternative. We would sincerely like to thank all those who have previously helped us through volunteering, fostering, fundraising, transporting and support. Without your help we would not have been able to help so many animals in need.

Thank you.

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